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10 Sweet Main Reasons Why Dakota Johnson Really Likes The Girl Ex-Stepfather Antonio Banderas So Tenderly

10 Sweet Main Reasons Why Dakota Johnson Really Likes The Girl Ex-Stepfather Antonio Banderas So Tenderly

No person knows that Fifty colors of gray star Dakota Johnson is actually ex-stepdaughter of Antonio Banderas! We had been much more amazed as soon as we revealed they have had a substantial friendship for more than 20 years, despite the fact that Antonio and Dakotaa€™s mommy Melanie Griffith are no longer collectively.

At Bright Side, we appreciate those who uphold warm relationships after their particular breakup, especially when little ones stay buddies through its step-parents.

1. Antonio thinks Dakota their girl.

Dakota came to be inside category of stars Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson in 1989 a€” by the way, this lady mothers going online dating whenever Melanie had been 14 and Don got 22. They married double a€” in January 1976 (and separated in July of this 12 months) plus 1989, Dakota was created with this relationships. In 1996, when Dakota had been 6 years of age, they separated. Exact same seasons, about set of the movie Two a lot, Melanie found Antonio Banderas, they have partnered and resided collectively until December 2015.

Antonio constantly talks passionately about his prefer toward Dakota, phoning their his girl. Johnson in addition opened up, saying that Banderas is obviously one of the most influential folks in the woman lifestyle, he introduced another world of innovation and lifestyle inside group.

2. today Dakota keeps a half-sister a€” Stella Banderas.

In 1996, Banderas and Griffith welcomed their particular child Stella del Carmen Banderas, that is 7 years more youthful than Dakota. Dakota additionally exposed that she`s thankful to the girl stepfather on her behalf younger cousin and also known as the girl a€?magicala€?.

3. Dakotaa€™s first yellow rugs happened to be in his company.

From an early age Dakota participated in social occasions and made an appearance on red-colored carpets along with her celeb moms and dads, she actually went to the Oscars with these people whenever she is several years old! The image above images them from the service in 2000.

4. Antonio put Dakota within his earliest movie.

In 1999, in the ages of 9, Johnson got her basic part in motion picture wild in Alabama, where she and her younger aunt Stella played the daughters in the major character Lucille Vinson (played by Melanie Griffith). The film is directed by the woman subsequently stepfather Antonio Banderas.

5. Banderas certain this lady to graduate college prior to starting performing.

In 2016, Dakota Johnson provided a job interview on alive! With Kelly and Michael and shared that, despite their early debut during the Banderas flick insane in Alabama, both Antonio and Melanie frustrated their from acting until she finished from highschool. Both Banderas and Griffith additionally initially finished school. So Johnson performedna€™t start auditioning in la until after she graduated from twelfth grade.

6. Dakota today understands Spanish.

Dakota as soon as admitted by using Antonio, Spain came to the family, combined with wonderful Spanish loved ones, flamenco and, needless to say, Spanish. Johnson mentioned in an interview that she completely comprehends the vocabulary, but will not communicate they fluently, and whenever showing up on Spanish words shows, she deals with a translator.

7. Antonio shared that Dakota had been a primary foreignbride.net/georgian-brides/ reason their matrimony had been beneficial.

Sometimes the divorce proceedings process is really intricate it may invalidate the relationship by itself. But with which has nothing in connection with the Banderas-Griffith household a€” the star recently acknowledge that Dakota nonetheless implies a lot to your hence their wedding to Melanie Griffith is all worth every penny for a lot of factors, including Dakota.

8. Even with the split up, everyone keeps a cozy and near connection.

Possibly ita€™s because Antonio are Spaniard and they’ve got various customs about breakups in Spain, or even ita€™s that both actors had been already hitched earlier, but Melanie and Antonio, in addition to their young ones, nonetheless keep a really hot and friendly connection. Antonio asserted that the actual fact that Melanie isn’t his girlfriend any longer, he nonetheless thinks the girl their best friend, nevertheless their families.

9. They display a very good hobby a€” each of them like skiing!

All the family, such as Antonio, Dakota, and Stella, are seen many times over time in Aspen, Colorado on ski holidays. Many paparazzi photo confirm this.

10. He was the girl stepdad for nearly twenty years.

Antonio married Dakotaa€™s mommy in 1996, whenever Dakota was actually 6 years of age. The guy remained this lady stepfather for nearly two decades, plus after the split up in 2015, Banderas nevertheless takes on an important role in her own lives.

The famous star exposed that hea€™s come with young Dakota on their arms, touring all around the world. And Johnson, during their pressing tribute address, provided that Antonio adored everyone therefore fiercely, therefore large and so loud, so it altered her physical lives forever.

Now we love Antonio Banderas a lot more! Have you figured out of every different cool celebrity dads we’re able to add to the checklist? Wea€™d love the opportunity to listen from you in the feedback point the following!

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